This company is versatile in a sense that we have specialized in different elements related to graphic designing, web and print media, we have worked for diverse companies and still organizations/people belonging to different industries like fashion, commerce, environment, music, entertainment, finance, telecommunication, tourism, hospitality and IT etc are taking advantage from services and packages offered by us.

To be very honest, Connection was not as much established, well organized and well known at its beginning as it is now, it is due to the day and night effort of our team, good work quality and affordable prices of services offered by us, that Connection is emerging as another good option for organization/businesses requiring graphic designing, web designing and web development services.

Have a look at our respected clients.

Some of our web designing and web development clients

Eli Lilly and Company, USA

Novartis, Switzerland

Sandoz, Germany

Novora Biomedical, Canada

Marketzing , USA

Modern Wall, Canada

Malbis Media (benne816 ), USA

Alan Foster- Associates, UK

Mdistribution , UK

Ed-ltd, UK

Milano pizzas, UK

Magalylittle, USA

Lennypentaya, USA

Surrey bouncy castle hire, UK

Impact-build, UK

Silverrivers, UK

Apbensonroofing, UK

Laser hair kit, mention the country name

Hair-removers, UK

Silknlaser, UK

Smart Social Holidays, mention the country name

Number Plates-Direct , UK

Fire Fly Digital Media, Canada

Psych rehab, USA

Trevor-Roberts, Australia

Some of our Graphic designing clients


biomedical, Canada

Designed 3 labels for bottles, pocket folder, trifold, brochure, Business cards, banner ,poster, Periolinx logo etc

Kinesis Interactive Design, Australia

Created themes from existing PSD

Eli Lilly and Company, USA

Designed brochure & trifold (etc)

Novartis, Switzerland

Designed brochure, annual reports & trifold (etc)

Sandoz, Germany

Designed annual reports, brochure & trifold

Speaking Professional , USA

Designed One-Sheet

NDModelWorks, USA

Designed trifold brochure and CD sleeve

The OfficeSPA , UK

Designed a brochure

Australian Corporate Writing , Australia

Brochure designing

Boulevardco (hypnotherapist), UK

Designed brochure and leaflet

Mahmoudmohareb, Egypt

Designed brochure and file folder

Pyoon , USA

Brochure designing

Trillium Films, USA

Teaser concept designed for Sci-Fi movie "one sheet flyer"

Terrypenza, USA

Developed xanax vs ativan Web icons for academic subjects

Service (Gasoline) Station, USA

Designed logo

Threepwood , Sweden

Label & Package Design

Benne816, USA

Designed newspaper Ad, patient Coordinator Sell Sheet, created a Display Ad, AmeriThin Lobby Check-In Sign, Manual, designed page and book etc

The Naija Store, USA

Designed a brochure

Katy Fitness, USA

Designed a Fitness Brochure

Bobsingh, UK

Designed logo

Pcgava , Austria

Designed a brochure

Igyrl , USA

Designed print ad and brochure etc

The Smart Startup, USA

Designed logo, brochure and Half page Ad of Boca Raton etc

Speak Trips , Canada

Designed flyer in Portuguese language for inter camp

Trevor-Roberts, Australia

Designed brochure and Word template

Empearson, USA

Designed 8 page brochure

Rcrn2009, USA

Logo designing

Synthteck , USA

Flyer designing

Hibernian, Ireland

Designed Bifold

Kmatuszek, USA

Solved brand identity problem

KovalumClothing, Canada

T-shirt designing

Bm818, USA

Designed a brochure

Gurudev_1, USA

Deigned Business Cards and Letterhead

Terrypenza, USA

Converted Word files to Photoshop

Thang82, Switzerland

Flash animation

Jilljems, Australia

Designed property brochure

Erix536, Netherland

Degined poster and flyer

Tashaleonie, UK

Designed Newsletters

One Harmony Group, USA

Designed a Trifold

N-Wireless, Canada

Designed calling card and poster

Winteriors, USA

Designed logo

Qureshia, Selangor

Designed 4 page brochure (270mmx270mm)

Mfragias , Australia

3D Mock Up of Trade Show Stand

Cepdave, USA

Designed logo and business card

We are of the point of view that excellence and success of an organization cannot be entirely judged from the number of clients it does have, rather things like level of credibility of an organization and level of client’s satisfaction are also taken into account. Let’s see what clients say about us.

Some of our CMS clients

Mdistribution , UK

Ed-ltd, UK

Impact-build, UK

Modern Wall, Canada

Some of our SEO clients

Impact-build, UK

AP Benson, UK

Smart Social Holidays, mention the country name

B S (Black Stallions) , mention the country name

Some of our web hosting clients


Guild Ford Guest House

Guildford Shortlet






South West Chimney Sweeps


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